Saturday, December 11, 2010

a great place to go for fun, small, addicting mini games,

recently they released a new game, this is my guide to that game.

Bad Ice Cream

first, the choice of flavor of ice cream. i suggest you choose straw berry (pink) this gives you a vivid color against the white so you can see yourself more easily.

then, my guide to items, monsters, special blocks, and other things

first you meet the small green horned monsters, stupid and boring, they just walk slowly around, usually in straight lines, sometimes they will stop, and turn in a random dirrection.

next, you will meet brown and white tall cows, they try to attack you, will follow you, will turn around at ice.

other cows:

white, is more tricky, follows you.

next, the evil, evil, orange tripod. this is very fast, and will smash ice blocks with its large head.

other tripods:

green, destroys at ice blocks around it when it hits.

blue, destroys an entire line of continues ice blocks

The log will roll at high speed at you when it is in a line with you.

The duck will fly over a line of blocks to catch up to you or if it cant get at you any other way

The triple scoops will jump around, and sometimes will teleport o a random location

the brown and yellow cow, goes very fast in a certain path forever


the normal ice block, can be destroyed by you with space bar

fire tiles will melt your space ice blocks

hard blue tiles, cannot be detroyed by anything

camp fires will burn you, you can put them out with ice but it will eventually melt

arrow tiles will send your ice blocks in the direction they point, works for breaking ice as well


bananas dont move

psychic cherries after a few seconds, they teleport.

kiwi's jump around

strawberries jump around

grapes dont move

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

77, updateification #2

i looked at my little blogy dash board post counter and it said 76, so that means this is the magical 77!

anyway, hevnt been posting for a while, cause of school, and homework and stuff like that but, this is an updateification, the second one.

gardening n the test realm.

celestia is running normally.

and, thats it, SO BYE!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Puzzle time!

i looked at The Friendly Necromancer's blog and he posted a puzzle from celestia, it turns out, that puzzle format is in alot of games. the oldest one i could find was The Hobbit. it was released a while ago but i still have the original thing, post a comment if you agree it is AWESOME!
i have the picture to post but i cant post it because of maintenance by the blogspot people,
but to play a game like that celestia puzzle go HERE
thats all i have time for but for now,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Review week.

Okay, cause w101 refuses to work on my computer, i decided to play some other mmo's a bit.
Free Realms
for the half hour i played it, it was pretty fun, but really slow, then it broke. it ate all of my computers remaining virtual memory on my account, slowed down my internet, and refused to open with out making me have to restart my computer
Club Penguin
I've had a cp account for a while but i just started playing cause it actually works. it gets kinda boring when your not a member and they just released stamps and Field Ops and a new hq on the good side but, but went and made it so you cant do anything fun without being a member.
no more Soda Seas level in aqua grabber for free players. No more competition or survival mode on surfing, and released a ton of new DJ-3K stuff and dance contest stuff for members only, along with PUFFLE RESCUE levels for members, nothing fun left but field ops.
i saw the comercial and tried it and it has a cool little hologram thing and the game is still loading, still loading and you geneate the games are kinda strange but i'm brand new, and playing as i post its kinda weird, and lots of video stuff.
a little kids game full of fuzzy animals
not exactly and mmo, but its lego and pretty fun
All from the same creator soame style, full of quirky and funny and yet fun ideas and weapons, but not as great as w101. warpforce is kinda weird and i dont like it much
i cant think of any more MMO's,
oh ya, FATE
not a multiplayer thing but really fun, plus its endless and free once you buy the disc or the free download, if you want to know the cheat, ill tell you if you leave your email address and tell me you want the FATE 1 and 2 cheat, ill email you
thats all i have time for, for now.
so BYE

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I wont be posting for a while cause of home work overload. and school.
but i was watching a Jimi Hendrix video today, and i read one of the comments.
So at the Woodstock convention in 1969, 5 hours before that african americans were alowed to vote, and then Jimi Hendrix comes to woodstock, playing a white, right handed guitar with his left hand, and played the national anthem on that electric guitar, like nobody else, go and watch the video on youtube, and realize how brave that was. search for jimi hendrix national anthem woodstock, and click n the first result.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lego Wraith! Yay! I made that and I also sent the pictures to the Friendly Necromancer, but I haven't gotten a response.

It feels like a very slow day so far, nothing new in W101, and that's it so BYE!

Also, i wish the Friendly Necromancer a happy birthday!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Header

New Header!
Its like the lord of the rings, there are normal editions, and Extended!
Kestrel and I have all 3 extended editions! SO HA!
but the maintenance was EXTENDED to one hour, it will be from 3pm to 4pm, central time.
but if you play W101 then you should know that already cause it says right there when you log in, EXTENDED SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE!
so, Thats it for now, END OF BLOG POST

Monday, July 26, 2010

??? ??? ???

Um, okay, I have no idea why but when i go to my list of badges, one of the badges says ??? ??? ??? and I cannot equip it.
Its weird.
along with that weird badge is my new title from pressing No Title.
Grandmaster Necromancer

50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50

I have to thank a lot of people
Kestrel Shadowthistle
Donna Spellthron, (thats her Skype name)
Luke Firegem
Dylan Rubygrove
Bailey Skystaff
Kristen Sparklegem
Olivia Pixiedust
Malorn Willowsmith
Wolf (2)
the various Wolf Darksomethings
Colin Spiritthief
Andrew Shadowwraith
Kyle Firesword
Alia Lotuspetal
Aaron Stormwraith

50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50
Anyone else on my buddy list who has helped me i also thank

Monday, July 19, 2010

The 50 fight

As you reach level 49, you may think your close to 50, but it is still very far away. around 40,000 XP stands in your way to being able to use your grandmaster gear. Then, you realize how hard the quests really are.
Right now I am on the pyromancer's tomb and I am level 49. the pyromancer's tomb is actually very easy to solo except for the very last level, a fire boss.
this is just an update on ME.
but my advice for when your level 49, quest hardcore, get as many friends to come as possible.
Even make new friends! i did but he lost connection part way throught the pyromancer's tomb.


Celestia poster update! new shadows added and the dog girl was added.

Friday, July 16, 2010

crowns vs subscription through math

Well, i decided to discover what is cheaper, crowns or a full subscription

$10 buys 5000 crowns and that will finish up all of WC.
KT costs more so $10 gets you through the pyramid of the sun and the commons, then you need $10 more to finish the krokosphinx and to buy the inside of the temple of storms. then another $10 you finish kt
That's $40 to finish KT and WC.

Another $10 gets the MB commons and finishes all of Digmore station and Newgate prison
Then $10 more finishes MB and gets the MS commons, then it gets expensive.
$10 gets the Hametsu Village and the Crimson Fields and Tataki outpost.
Then $10 more gets you the Shoshun Village, Kishebi Village and the watery place, (I forgot its name) Then another $10 gets the Shirataki Temple and the temple place and the Ancient Burial Grounds. Then Another $10 gets the Village of Sorrow and the tree of life and Basilica.
That's $60 to finish MS and MB.

Then $10 gets the Atheneum and the Tower Archives. Another $10 gets the Grand Chasm and the Plaza of Conquests. Another $10 gets Past and the Necropolis. Another $10 gets the crucible and Drake Hatchery. $10 more gets the labyrinth and the DS academy. Then $10 more gets you the Crystal Grove and the Forum. Then $10 more gets the dragons roost and malistares dungeon.
That's $70 to finish DS.

That adds up to $170 to finish the game with crowns, vs. a full year subscription of $60 or $80 if there's no sale. THE SUBSCRIPTION WINS!

So getting a subscription is cheaper than buying every area with crowns!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


there was an update to the celestia poster, the robot guy was revealed, he looks pretty cool, but i was wrong about the wizard city hat thing.

well, thats all for now, BYE!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NEW: background, kingsisle giving back, and cool glitches!

Well first thing is FIRST
i got a new background, it is REALLY cool!
Kingsisle discovered that people had lost items quests and levels. they gave everybody who had lost things 2500 crowns and a firebat pet. the fire bat pet is cute but has a 36 pedigree.
at ancient or adult it gets the card but i am NOT training it up just for that, not enough talents.
in the life tower there has been major partying, people discovered how to get up in the rafters and on the walls and behind the door,
well thats all i have time for so BYES!

Monday, June 7, 2010


A few days ago i had been farming for the Ianthine Spectre, i got it, 5 minute hatch time. but its kind of weird because its PURPLE! i still like it though, it has THREE possible epic talents! i also got the storm snowman.
are new pets and hatching bad?

thats all i can do, so bye!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

does anyone read my blog?
i never get many comments and only by Luke GoldFist who I know irl and Malorn WillowSmith.
please read my blog, come on guys! PLEASE?
Sorry for not posting in a while, that was all because of my computer being fixed so i couldnt post very much.

you can contact me on twitter just find @redbarron718.
my email is
so tell me if you read my blog?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

celestia poster updated, new crab there.
i was reading the friendly necromancer and in the celestia poster the is a robot thing. its head seems to look like a wizard head wearing a wizard city hat.
i cant do pictures right now, because the computer is being fixed.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

yas, you heard me right, i am. because kestrel was sick and she had time, i asked her to level me up so i could get scarecrow.

oh, and by the way, a new person on the celestia poster is there! (sorry for how long i havent been posting)

yes, there is a weird sharky thing there, a filled out crab, and a weird new silhouette behind the crad with the harpon.
i have to go now but fornow, JUST KEEP QUESTING!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Almost twins

Well today I got to "farm" Ivan Soulsinger to try and get the hat and sword from him.
After that, I wanted to be his twin.
That is what I look like now, and no, I did not stitch, its just my old reapers hood and a vindicator robe I bought today. All I need now is some vindicator boots and I'm his TWIN!
just wanted to post about that so

I knew that would sound cheesey!

Friday, April 2, 2010

okay, my best friend luke firegem told me to say, "die in pain mortal"
at the end of my posts.
i refuse to say this
but all i haave is news about a REALLY big hit

is that alot for you?
probably not, PLEASE COMMENT!

Monday, March 29, 2010

rugs, rugs, and more rugs

well i have been experimenting with rug bridges and now i have made quite a few.
that one and then another

and this one, going to the small island floating on the side of my house

how do you make these you may ask? well i only know how to do one carpet going off the edge but not how to add on

so you get long blue runner rugs from the bazaar, (these you get from the kraken quest)
you put one down and then another partially on top of it. then you move the one farthest from the edge so that it is still on land but the other one is floating off the island.

well thats all i got.


Friday, March 26, 2010

well KI announced the release of celestia and raising the level cap to late summer.

i was thinking of the new spells for the first 7 schools.

- nightfall, nightfalls and hurts all enemies 700
- black plague, hurts the enemies 700 and each person on your side 200
-werewolf, the moon shines and a man howls at the moon and turns into a werewolf and bites, 700
-poison ivy, hurts all enemies 50 and then 600 over three rounds
- mushroom, blows up and hurts all enemies 650
-thunder, does 1000 damage to one enemy, and has 50% accuracy
-stormcloud, does 700 damage to all enemies over 3 rounds
-djin, does either400 life, 500 death, or 600 myth
-Medusa, hurts enemy 600 and stuns
-jack frost, does 600 over 3 rounds
-winter, does 600 to all enemies
-flame demon, does 800 to one enemy

well those were my ideas for spells, oh and they mentioned in the article new pet features and 3 new secondary schools.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On hats and levels and evil walking trees and river spirits

well tha title sumed a LOT up.

i got the REALLY AWESOME death hat from oak heart.
and because i actually did work today i was able to get it.
i did ALL the MOSSBACK quests and then the WAVEBRINGER quests up to oakheart
now i have to go into the tree of life and talk to oakheart.
well i look like this now

and yes that is a minotaur pet, i got it from youkai a few days ago,

i leveled up to level 47 by doing those quests.

well, now all i need to be totally awesome looking is get that death robe from youkai.

apparently celestia is coming soon, some spring or summer time day and they are going to have
some contest where pets will be able to do more.

i dont have that picture that all the other places have but i still post, and kingsisle gets best child friendly game in some thing also.

well see ya for now


Thursday, March 11, 2010

i am a happy little wizard!

i defeated orin grimcaster with a fellow death student, colin spirittheif and now i am on rurrick flamesoul.
well any way...

no one has commented on my guides to best stuff!

not much news but the big thing is! drum roll please!
these will enhance pets and there will be competitions and pets will be able to do stuff, i dont know what though.

yeah ok CYA!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

this is the guide to best death stuff made by ME!
well yesterday i had off and on monday to but i didnt do that much questing.

i did something really weird and kind of buggy.

well thats me and duncan, ALMOST twins. one, i am to pale and two, he has a deathy symbolly robe.

well i checked all the guides and NONE of them, dragonspyre, krokotopia, marleybone, mooshu, and wizard city were all just there with out that robe! i hoped it was auctionable so i could buy it but, no luck what so ever.


Monday, March 1, 2010

these are guides i MADE MYSELF to the best life, and storm gear, enjoy!


yesterday i was looking for really cool stuff at the bazaar and found cool grizzleheim stuff, bought it and stitched it because it is the coolest thing on earth!

so now i look armory and i have like NO news.

all i know is that there is a new w101 podcast, WANDCAST.

please send me stuff to answer to because i have nothing to post about!

i am still looking for an closing catch phrase so please send me those to, and whoever gives me the best one gets a fire dragon treasure card!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a few days ago, i bought a GIFT CARD to buy wings, and they are AWESOME!

also i have some SERIOUS news!

apparently some big group of people tried this cheat/hack/glitch that got them the new stuff for really low prices of gold like the fire hammer for g8000 so kingsile had to go and put a top to it! they are taking away all of this stuff theu bought but not giving the people back their gold!

this is a BIG problem, people, give KI a security break, dont scam, hack or just lie and give ki a break along with the rest of us.

scamming is a disgrace to all wizards and you scammers know that one day everyone you've scammed will come down upon you and crush you with reports until you are banned forever!

floating furnitrue isnt a big deal it just looks cool and doesnt do any harm but stealing cards NEVER! never steal cards.

Thursday, February 18, 2010



i dont have pics though
Ascendant Staff- one pip- 70 damage balance- 2500 crowns on sale
Phosphorescent Maul- one power pip- 90 damage fire- level 25+ -3500 crowns on sale
Creulean Edge- one power pip- 110 damage death- level 45+ -5000 crowns on sale
making DEATH! get the best sword in the game!
there are new mounts!
Seraph wings, 7000 crowns on sale
Bat wings, 7000 crowns on sale

Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentines day! WOO HOO!

yay! valentines day is here!
the holiday gear right now is REALLY good, there is a 95 fire damage, plus one power pip staff! that is better than the mooshu swords!
today so far, i did NOTHING

new news!
i am on twitter! search for redbarron718 on twitter!

please post comments and follow this website!

i am still looking for a closing phrase! please post good ones!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New tittle! thanks to kestrel shadowthistle, of the shadowthistle school of wizardry, i have a new awesome tittle!
well as i am sure you have heard,(or read on a website)there was once really good really powerful gear for crowns. i have a lot of pics of people with it. it was removed from the crowns guys because of how powerfully AWESOME it was. a lot of people still have it but you cant get it anymore.

i get to the quest for orin grimcaster

i really need to stop this format of doing news in its own section because i dont have any like, ever!
and nobody really cares where i am which is what i keep posting in the news

i need catch phrases, please people post comments for what i should say at the end of posts!

Monday, February 8, 2010

i am in the drake hatchery and i had a quest to go defeat terrorwing warlocks for TEXTBOOKS!
1.why would a draconian have a textbook?
2.for every battle i did with three of them i got only one?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

well this is just a short post.
7993 damage done with tempest on jade oni today.
there is no picture because it came out with the damage blocked out by part of the wave when i took it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

i now have more pictures of the swords from the last post!

thats the balance one. i wont put up another f the myth though.

Well today i was running around and i teleported to my friend. he was at Elik's Edge.
the weird thing was that he was behind the wall to Elik's edge. this girl said watch this.
she ran off the edge and out into the open sky!

i gave her a helephant treasure card to tell me how to do it.

now to help you i will tell YOU how to do it.


so when you are near the edge or the wall of some place, switch to small screen. at the top of the screen where on the internet words are are the words, Wizard101. when you click and hold those words in the blue section and press the "up" arrow. the screen will move up but you wont move. the other people will see you walking off the edge and away!



Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i am really mad!
i did level up to level 45 but i cant decide what sword to use!
1.sword of the steward-100 damage, balance2.avelanche's legendary cutlass-100 damage, myth
3.frost wood sword-90 damage, ice

this the myth one. i try to find the other screen shots of the other swords LATER


see, i told you i would post everyday when i leveled up!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

no one is ever at my site and it really is putting me down. if more people come i will be happy but for now no one is coming ever
i not saying that i want like a million views but at least leave comments

no one comments ever so no one really cares what i do or say
please tell me why.
oh yeah
go ravenwood radio!


the tiger wins the Alex Deathshade award of best mount

i get 169 viewers

Blaze Thunderblade reaches level 4 in unicorn way!

not much news but when i level up again to level 45 i will post every day again!

the meowmodon raised $126,000 for charity

BYES! (i am still losing enthusiasm)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

school housing list

sry i havent posted in a while.
i was playing more than blogging.

i dont have the best topic ever but i want to make a list of my favorite houses so here goes,

1. storm- it has the entire house rise up it is just plain awesome
2.myth- it has the rocking cloud and the cyclops
3.death- the house bites! it has the boiler room and everything else

those are my top three but i have to go bye!

sry m but this post is a little late anyway