Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i am really mad!
i did level up to level 45 but i cant decide what sword to use!
1.sword of the steward-100 damage, balance2.avelanche's legendary cutlass-100 damage, myth
3.frost wood sword-90 damage, ice

this the myth one. i try to find the other screen shots of the other swords LATER


see, i told you i would post everyday when i leveled up!


  1. For most schools I try to use a wand/sword of the opposite school, to get rid of shields under my prisms. That doesn't work so well with Death school though, I've never seen a death monster use a single Life shield.

    I'd avoid your own school though, so you don't set off your blades & traps by accident.

  2. I think the Myth one looks pretty cool. Where do you get it? -William Dragonthorn

  3. Nice blog... Check out mine at:

    @ Sierra(again!): Any school spell can throw off a feint or a curse ok! Just think about it...