Saturday, December 11, 2010

a great place to go for fun, small, addicting mini games,

recently they released a new game, this is my guide to that game.

Bad Ice Cream

first, the choice of flavor of ice cream. i suggest you choose straw berry (pink) this gives you a vivid color against the white so you can see yourself more easily.

then, my guide to items, monsters, special blocks, and other things

first you meet the small green horned monsters, stupid and boring, they just walk slowly around, usually in straight lines, sometimes they will stop, and turn in a random dirrection.

next, you will meet brown and white tall cows, they try to attack you, will follow you, will turn around at ice.

other cows:

white, is more tricky, follows you.

next, the evil, evil, orange tripod. this is very fast, and will smash ice blocks with its large head.

other tripods:

green, destroys at ice blocks around it when it hits.

blue, destroys an entire line of continues ice blocks

The log will roll at high speed at you when it is in a line with you.

The duck will fly over a line of blocks to catch up to you or if it cant get at you any other way

The triple scoops will jump around, and sometimes will teleport o a random location

the brown and yellow cow, goes very fast in a certain path forever


the normal ice block, can be destroyed by you with space bar

fire tiles will melt your space ice blocks

hard blue tiles, cannot be detroyed by anything

camp fires will burn you, you can put them out with ice but it will eventually melt

arrow tiles will send your ice blocks in the direction they point, works for breaking ice as well


bananas dont move

psychic cherries after a few seconds, they teleport.

kiwi's jump around

strawberries jump around

grapes dont move