Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Review week.

Okay, cause w101 refuses to work on my computer, i decided to play some other mmo's a bit.
Free Realms
for the half hour i played it, it was pretty fun, but really slow, then it broke. it ate all of my computers remaining virtual memory on my account, slowed down my internet, and refused to open with out making me have to restart my computer
Club Penguin
I've had a cp account for a while but i just started playing cause it actually works. it gets kinda boring when your not a member and they just released stamps and Field Ops and a new hq on the good side but, but went and made it so you cant do anything fun without being a member.
no more Soda Seas level in aqua grabber for free players. No more competition or survival mode on surfing, and released a ton of new DJ-3K stuff and dance contest stuff for members only, along with PUFFLE RESCUE levels for members, nothing fun left but field ops.
i saw the comercial and tried it and it has a cool little hologram thing and the game is still loading, still loading and you geneate the games are kinda strange but i'm brand new, and playing as i post its kinda weird, and lots of video stuff.
a little kids game full of fuzzy animals
not exactly and mmo, but its lego and pretty fun
All from the same creator soame style, full of quirky and funny and yet fun ideas and weapons, but not as great as w101. warpforce is kinda weird and i dont like it much
i cant think of any more MMO's,
oh ya, FATE
not a multiplayer thing but really fun, plus its endless and free once you buy the disc or the free download, if you want to know the cheat, ill tell you if you leave your email address and tell me you want the FATE 1 and 2 cheat, ill email you
thats all i have time for, for now.
so BYE

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I wont be posting for a while cause of home work overload. and school.
but i was watching a Jimi Hendrix video today, and i read one of the comments.
So at the Woodstock convention in 1969, 5 hours before that african americans were alowed to vote, and then Jimi Hendrix comes to woodstock, playing a white, right handed guitar with his left hand, and played the national anthem on that electric guitar, like nobody else, go and watch the video on youtube, and realize how brave that was. search for jimi hendrix national anthem woodstock, and click n the first result.