1. So when you are near the edge or the wall of some place, switch to small screen. at the top of the screen where on the internet words are are the words, Wizard101. when you click and hold those words in the blue section and press the "up" arrow. the screen will move up but you wont move. the other people will see you walking off the edge and away!

2. There is a way to wear a transform on a mount, i did it on a broom.
you go to the crowns shop and buy the potion and the mount or just use one you have!
then you open up the crowns shop again and leave it and you are transformed and the mount is going through you.

3. In the life tower you go over to the side of the desk, it doesnt matter which side, and run at the desk, and you end up on the little platform above the desk, then get onto one of the poles on the sides and then you use the flying trick in #1 and you are on the edging of wood around the tower! Then just run around and you will get higher and higher.