Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a few days ago, i bought a GIFT CARD to buy wings, and they are AWESOME!

also i have some SERIOUS news!

apparently some big group of people tried this cheat/hack/glitch that got them the new stuff for really low prices of gold like the fire hammer for g8000 so kingsile had to go and put a top to it! they are taking away all of this stuff theu bought but not giving the people back their gold!

this is a BIG problem, people, give KI a security break, dont scam, hack or just lie and give ki a break along with the rest of us.

scamming is a disgrace to all wizards and you scammers know that one day everyone you've scammed will come down upon you and crush you with reports until you are banned forever!

floating furnitrue isnt a big deal it just looks cool and doesnt do any harm but stealing cards NEVER! never steal cards.

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