Friday, March 26, 2010

well KI announced the release of celestia and raising the level cap to late summer.

i was thinking of the new spells for the first 7 schools.

- nightfall, nightfalls and hurts all enemies 700
- black plague, hurts the enemies 700 and each person on your side 200
-werewolf, the moon shines and a man howls at the moon and turns into a werewolf and bites, 700
-poison ivy, hurts all enemies 50 and then 600 over three rounds
- mushroom, blows up and hurts all enemies 650
-thunder, does 1000 damage to one enemy, and has 50% accuracy
-stormcloud, does 700 damage to all enemies over 3 rounds
-djin, does either400 life, 500 death, or 600 myth
-Medusa, hurts enemy 600 and stuns
-jack frost, does 600 over 3 rounds
-winter, does 600 to all enemies
-flame demon, does 800 to one enemy

well those were my ideas for spells, oh and they mentioned in the article new pet features and 3 new secondary schools.


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