Friday, November 20, 2009

so from veterans day wizard101 would give a code for a good sword if they sent in their military email.
i met a guy named alexander staff, he had the sword and told me he faked his military email to get it.
i reported him and he possibly could get arrested!!!!

that goes to show (this means you colin) DONT FAKE THINGS TO GET STUFF


  1. WOW. It's like you are a genuine HERO for doing that. Note the extreme sarcasm being used. You should really take time to check spelling and capitalize words.

  2. if that person would like to say that to my face then i would like them to

    (i don't recommend this unless you have insurance)

  3. lol good one alex : ) Btw I know you are not being agatrative. what world are you in?

  4. well well. it just happens to be the diviner of myth.
    now i have no clue what agatrative means so this comment makes no sense

  5. What the heck is Agatrative