Friday, November 27, 2009

namesakes overkill

well this is where these words come from

shirataki was a monk in a japanese folktale

there is a japanese story where a old lady feeds dumplings to the "onis"
then they kill her

celestia (sel-es-tia)
a celestia is a conjunction of at least four planets

grizzlehiem comes from the norse myth of jotunhiem (yo-TON-hiem)
this was the place where the trolls lived

these are from the story of Beowulf and the grendels

the stone roses
these were a band from the 1990s

the stray cat strut
the stray cat strut was a song

the blue oyster cult
the blue oyster cult was a song

the smiths
these were a band

the beatles
these were a band

jotun ( yo-ton )
the name for a troll

well i hope this tells you where these things came from

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