Thursday, October 29, 2009

seriously i need to update my file off my gear.
i look totally different. well i haven't received any emails yet but what the heck. ill do more work on my story.
( im going to put the beginning at the front of this so it makes sense )

Alex looked through the classroom door at the destruction inside. all was normal. Dworgyn was still there leaning on his cane, the desks strewn a cross the floor. his desk was right next to the bubbling cauldron. the last time Alex was here was when he was level 33 to get his next spell, doom and gloom. but still there was something wrong, like an evil presence.
come to me someone whispered. the words sent a chill down Alex's neck. the little hairs o his neck stood up and an icy breeze blow through the dark air. Dworgyn was gone and in his place stood a cloaked figure stood there. it held a staff with a black dragon at the top.
the figure smashed the chalk board into little black pieces. it stepped forward and tripped over the desk at the right. it was at that moment that Alex turned and ran his samurai armor clattering and bouncing. at that moment the doors to night side flew open with a crash alex jumped through them and through the water fall he tripped and water engulfed him.

suddenly strong hands gripped him by his shoulders and pulled him out of the water before he drowned. i front of him was his rescuer. he was a novice ice wizard wearing the arena armor. then Alex realized that it was a grand master who was wearing HERO OF UNICORN WAY to keep people from asking to be his friend. he was on a tall horse that was pitch black. Alex stood up and thanked the guy for saving his life. the grandmaster replied with a loud curse as he pointed. the cloaked figure was sprinting out of the water fall behind them. the grand master pulled Alex onto the horse behind him and they went shooting through the gate to raven wood. as they went the saw novices, apprentices, initiates, journey men, adepts, Magus, masters and even a hand full of grand masters look in aw as Alex and the grand master flew by them. the two jumped through the door to the world gate as they galloped the grand master shouted, "TO DRAGON SPYRE" the door opened and they flew through. there was darkness for a minute and then they hit the ground hard. they were in the basilica. next to the world gate. Alex saw the grand master re-mounting his horse and pulling him on they jumped through the nearest portal into the crucible. now the grand master was more careful.

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