Wednesday, September 23, 2009

hello everyone. i am Alex Deathshade (or at least it is my wizard 101 name. i play wizard101 and i hope you do to or else GET OUT OF THIS BLOG!!!!! the game wizard101 is the only game i play right now. this is my first blog so i am not sure what to post about.


wizard101 is coming out with mounts

the Halloween party is coming

i am stuck on dr. von. katzenstiens lab in wizard101

to get into grizzlehiem to do quests you must be level 20
to get into the VIGRID ROUGHLAND you must be level 25, to get into mirkholm keep you must be level 30, to get into ravenscar you must be level 35 and to get into the crypt you must be level 40 and to get into nideveler you must be level 45.


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  2. just kidding ur website is cool. lol('_')

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  4. Eli go to or DIE!! AGAIN!

  5. stormy, colin spirittheif and chadj7 are people i know

  6. stormy colin and chad are you my only viewers??????!!!!!!!!

    p.s. colin there is no space in contest